Guidelines for the
One Day At A Time
(ODAAT) AA Group
of Bonita Springs, Florida.

(Updated 8/30/2012)
  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Officers
  4. Service
  5. Voting
  6. Policy
  7. Website (www.odaat.org)
  8. Notes
  9. References
  10. Amendments
  11. Meeting Script

1. Introduction

AA 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts and Guidelines are sources of information used to provide a framework to work in. Reference to these materials can be found and the end of this document. The main principal guiding this effort was
Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
There are characteristics that distinguish the ODAAT meeting from typical long established meetings.
  ● The size of the meeting changes from summer to winter.
  ● There are many regular attendees with long term sobriety.
  ● It is an young meeting, less than 5 years old.
This document was put together with those characteristics in mind.

2. Definitions

Open Meeting - "An open meeting of A.A. is a group meeting that any member of the community, alcoholic or nonalcoholic, may attend. The only obligation is that of not disclosing the names of A.A. members outside the meeting." (see Notes)

Home Group - This is where friendships in recovery are built and sustained by regular attendance. It is where one gets to know others and be known by others. It is can be a place to celebrate the good times and to be supported during the difficult times.

Sponsor - An alcoholic who has made progress in the recovery program, and shares that experience on a continuous, individual basis with another alcoholic who is attempting to attain or maintain sobriety through AA. Basically, a sponsor is someone who has worked the 12 Steps who is now helping someone else work the 12 Steps.

Anyone who attends ODAAT meetings will fall into one of the following categories. The individual who attends the meeting identifies the category to which they belong. The categories are used to qualify Trusted Servants (Officers) and Service persons.

Non-alcoholic Visitor – May be there to gather information about recovery or to support the recovery of an alcoholic (or just lost)

Newcomer – anyone who has recently joined or returned to AA and ODAAT meetings.

Visitor - anyone who visits southwest Florida and attends ODAAT meetings (Short term)

Regular Member – anyone who regularly attends ODAAT meetings while being in southwest Florida.

Home Group Member – anyone who regularly attends ODAAT meetings and chooses ODAAT as their Home Group.

Trusted Servants - Officers and Service persons are needed to administer the group and the meetings. Officers administer the group and Service persons administer the meetings. The descriptions below identify the functions, responsibilities, required sobriety and length of term of the different volunteer positions. One need not not be a Home Group Member to volunteer, however one should be at least a Regular Member.

3. Officers

Group Chairperson:(1 year sober for a term 3 to 12 months.) Coordinates activities with other group Officers and with those members who assume the responsibility for Service. Calls for and administers Business meetings when needed.

Treasurer and Recording Secretary: (1 years sober for a 1 year term.)
  • Collect and record the meeting donations
  • Maintain financial records of collections and disbursements
  • Maintain a prudent reserve (see Notes)
  • Disburse monies for supplies and other approved expenses
  • Disburse 50% of excess funds as rent to Unity Church
  • Disburse 50 % of excess funds in accordance with the following:
    • Naples Intergroup 30%
    • Lee County Intergroup 25%
    • GSA (NY) 30%
    • District 20, 10%
    • Area 15, 5%
  • Provide financial information at group business meetings.
  • Provides a copy of the last business meeting minutes and keeps the minutes of the current business meeting.
  • Pass on the minutes of business meetings to the Group Chairperson and website administrator.

Intergroup Representative: (1 year sober for a term 3 to 12 months.) participates in business meetings with other such representatives several times a year to share their groups’ experience in carrying the AA message. The Intergroup Representative tries to keep the group well informed about what the local Intergroup (central office) is doing.

General Service Representative (GSR): (1 years sober for a 1 year term.) The GSR. is the group’s link with the General Service Conference They:
  • Represent the group at district meetings and area assemblies.
  • Keep group members informed about general service activities in their local areas.
  • Receive and share with their groups all mail from the General Service Office.
There is also an alternate GSR. needed in the event that the GSR. may be unable to attend all district and area meetings. Note: Many groups provide financial support for their general service representatives to attend service functions.

4. Service

Meeting Chairperson: (6 months sober with a sponsor for 1 month term.)
  • Hands out “Chapter 5 How It Works.” and “The Promises.”
  • Administers the meeting
  • Follows the given meeting format, which includes reading the "AA Preamble."
  • Starts and ends the meeting on time.

Setup person with a key to open: (12 months sober with a sponsor for 1 month term.)
  • Open up the meeting
  • Make coffee.
  • Configure the seating arrangement for the meeting.
  • After the meeting, put things back to where they were, clean up.
  • Check the thermostat.
  • Lock Up
  • Procures meeting supplies when needed. These include coffee, creamer, sugar, utensils, plates, napkins, paper towels.

Birthday Co-Coordinator, “Chip Monk” (1 month sober for a term 3 to 12 months.)
  • Responsible for the annual Anniversary Celebrations (last Thursday of the Month)
  • Provide birthday medallions for those celebrating a birthday in a given month. (AA Central Offices)
  • Provide desert for the meeting.
  • Act as a meeting host on the last Thursday of the month to celebrate that month's birthdays.

Greeters: (1 month sober for 1 month term.) Be at the meeting 15 minutes before the meeting starts and greet those that come into the meeting.

Literature : (1 month sober for 1 month term.) Maintain the literature inventory and set the literature up at the meeting. The inventory is made up of  "When & Where" meeting schedules for Lee/Collier, Newsletters, Big Books, new comer packets, AA brochures

Grapevine Representative: (1 month sober for 12 month term.) To familiarize members with the AA Grapevine, and how to subscribe to it.

Archivist Responsible for maintaining and updating the ODAAT membership roster/phone/email list. Print copies for distribution at meetings.

Note: More than one person can make up a service position and one person can hold more than one position. For example, two people taking care of Birthdays, one gets the chips the other gets the cake. Another example is the literature person also being a greeter.

Steering Committee: (anytime sober for a term not defined.) Offers advice to the group about group practices, selecting officers, and other group issues. The advice attempts to be within the boundaries of AA procedures. See References below. The advice is presented to group as a finding. There can be more than one finding for an issue. The findings are not binding. The purpose of the advice is to help the group make an informed decision. All Group Officers are members of the committee by default, and anyone else who chooses to be a member can do so.

5. Voting

Any member can ask to have any issue voted upon any time. The request can be made to the Meeting Chairperson, any Officer of the Group or member of the Steering Committee.

All decisions will be reached by Group Conscience. The procedure is as follows:

  1. A Business Meeting is called
  2. A motion is proposed
  3. Discussion by interested parties
  4. A simple majority of those voting is required for passage of the motion.

6. Policy

Length of Meeting. The length of the meetings is set at one hour.

Authority. All “Trusted Servant” positions should have the authority (see Notes) to meet the responsibilities of that position. Some examples:
1. The Set Up person should be able to configure the seating arrangement the way they think is appropriate without calling for a Group Conscience.
2. The Treasurer should be able to determine when to distribute funds to Intergroup etc., and what expense items should be reimbursed.
3. The Literature person should be able to determine when and what literature should be maintained and updated.

Conflict and/or Issue Resolution. A three tier solution can be used.
1. Direct Contact. The person who finds fault with some action should go directly to the source of that action and identify the concern. It may be possible to reach a resolution satisfactory to both the source and respondent.
2. Steering Committee. If Direct Contact is not satisfactory, then it may be brought to the Steering Committee. The committee can offer their perspective, advice and findings to the parties involved.
3. Group Conscience. If the Steering Committee advice and findings are not satisfactory, then it may be brought to the group for a Group Conscience.

Backups. All Trusted Servant positions should leave contact information with the Recording Secretary and have a backup person in the event they are unable to meet their responsibilities.

Cross-talk. It is the responsibility of the Meeting Chairperson to manage cross-talk. Typically cross-talk refers to people speaking out of turn, interrupting someone while they are speaking or giving direct advice to someone in a meeting.

Business Meetings. Consideration may be given to holding Business Meetings on the last Thursday of the month.

7. Web Site (www.odaat.org)

  ● To communicate information about ODAAT to those who are interested.
  ● To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Business meetings.
  ● To keep the group members well informed on matters that may require a Group Conscience.

There will be no personal information details. First name, last name initial are all that will be used as identifiers.
Website maintenance is voluntary, and without cost to the group.

8. Notes:

A.A. Pamphlet "Frequently Asked Questions About AA." Open Meeting

A.A. Service Manual, Concept 12, Warranty 2 “Prudent Reserve

A.A. Service Manual, Concept 10, "Every service responsibility should be matched by an equal service authority, with the scope of such authority well defined."

9. References:

AA Group
AA Service Manual
AA Guidelines

10. Amendments:

Amendment 1. To keep an updated list of home group members only available to those who choose to be on the list for the purposes, among others, to be provided for newcomers – one list for women and one list for men.
Amendment 2. To conduct a 1 speaker-discussion meeting on the second Thursday of each month.